Re-Thinking Leadership project in Ljubljana

On 16th April we started a four-day-long training in the capitol of Slovenia. The project gathered 12 youth workers from Poland, Lithuania, Portugal, FYROM (Macedonia), Italy and Turkey. The aim of the training was to focus on the „old” and „new” approach to leadership – so the leadership based on hierarchy and obidience vs the unique, individual style of leading people. What I remember the most was the Appreciative Inquiry approach – a technique created in the USA and nowadays used all over the world to improve the efficiency of formal and non-formal organisations. In a way reminded me of coaching and  building on strenghts models. And what I liked the most was the creation of The Sensual Palace, where a weary wanderer could smell  coffee and tangerines, taste a cake, touch plants, hear the sound of poured water and at the end see us all preparing this sensual presentation 🙂 (photos above)

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